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We are looking for a great engineer to join our team as a DB Engineer/DB Developer and help us drive the progress of a FinTech project we’re working on. Think of all the latest MS technologies boosted by Azure cloud infrastructure and drop them into an enterprise FinTech project. Now let’s make a deep dive into the project and its responsibilities.

Your role and responsibilities

As a Database engineer you would be working on a FinTech project that utilizes virtual payments, cards and wallets for real time funding while tracking and analyzing those payments for a behavior driven brand building system. You would be responsible for developing, testing, improving and maintaining new and existing databases to help its users retrieve data effectively. To be more precise, you will be:

  • Designing, creating and supporting stable, reliable and effective databases that can withstand various attacks and loss of information
  • Modifying various databases according to user requests
  • Involved in schema design, code reviews and SQL query tuning
  • Using T-SQL to develop stored procedures, functions, triggers and views
  • Working together with developers to improve and optimize the performance of different applications
  • Installing, tuning, maintaining and upgrading different DBMS solutions
  • Research, suggest and own the process of implementing new solutions and technologies
  • Writing technical documentation and provide occasional support to different teams
  • Testing, troubleshooting and solving occasional database issues and malfunctions
  • Creating reports per user request
  • Providing data management support to different teams
  • Working with distributed teams in an Agile oriented environment

About you

You’re someone with 2+ years of experience working with databases and were responsible for database development and management/administration on your previous projects. You are proficient in everything data related, from inception to execution, maintenance and upgrade. Tackling both relational (MySQL, SQL server, PostgreSQL...) and non-relational databases (MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra, HBase) is an average day to you. Someone said queries? Well, that’s not an issue for you since you can write an SQL query to fetch you almost anything. Basics of SQL Server administration is also nothing new to you (users, permission, backup, recovery, monitoring...). And since you’re analytical you know your way around creating different reports (SSRS, SSAS). Sounds like you? Great, head on to the next section.

What next?

If you’re ready to be a part of a team that works together to achieve both technical and personal greatness be sure to hit apply. We will carefully select all the candidates for the next steps. For a detailed info on our hiring process, be sure to check out our Careers page.


Not sure if you’re the right person for this? You need more info about the project or us? Don’t worry, I’m here for you :) Be sure do drop me a message whichever way you like:

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