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Experienced Test Developer – Testing Enthusiast

Levi9 Technology Services

Intermediate, Senior

We are looking for an:
Experienced Test Developer – Testing Enthusiast
Location: Novi Sad
We are looking for an experienced Test developer who will join our team on a project where we are developing a mobile application for smart offices for one of our clients. Our teams are involved in developing mobile application as well as backend part with lot of APIs and third-party integration. 
Join us and start growing and boosting your career within our team of QA experts! 
What you will be working on?
  • Designing and running mobile & backend tests  
  • Evaluating the best testing setup for the future, choosing the right frameworks and tools  
  • Helping to improve our testing process  
  • Providing input on requirements, product design, and potential problems 
  • Collaborating with the development team and the client in order to understand the requirements of the product 
  • Stay current with industry developments and software test design and incorporate new technology when applicable  
What do we expect from you?
  • To have experience in software development testing (2+ years is optimal) 
  • To have experience with test automation (1+ years is optimal) 
  • To be able to use test runners and test management tools 
  • To be familiar with OOP concepts 
  • Preferably to be experienced in mobile OR backend testing  
  • Preferably to be ISTQB certified 
  • To be proactive and suggest the best testing approach 
  • To be familiar with Agile methodologies  
  • To be able to communicate fluently in English with our clients  
Our projects & stack: We deliver high-quality software on a continuous basis with CI/CD software pipelines. Current project we are looking Test developers for is a native mobile application used for smart offices. Backend part of the project is developed in Python.
Our teams: Depending on the project, our teams are consisted of mix of several frontend, backend developers, test automation engineers, DevOps engineers and a delivery manager (scrum master), while product owner is client-side. We use scrum as a framework for project management – we hold daily standup meetings where every team member can have a say.  
Your position in the organization: This position will be a part of one of our Testing departments in Belgrade (we have 3 of them at the moment!) and your department manager would be one of our senior Test developers/Test Leads who would be there to guide you and support your career development. 
Fully remote work during COVID-19 pandemic?
The most important for us is that all Niners are safe and healthy. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we all work from home (or any other place we like). We will maintain this trend until the circumstances become safe.
Flexible start of your day
The start of working hours is flexible: from 7:30 to 10:00. You are free to start working at any time within the specified time interval, with respect to daily duties and pre-agreed obligations.
Paid sick leave
Levi9 will pay in full (full salary) a total of 10 days of sick leave per year, including 3 days of sick leave per year without a doctor’s prescription. A total of 3 days of paid sick leave without a doctor’s prescription can be used separately or in combination during the year.
Private health insurance
After three months of working at Levi9, you will receive additional UNIQA private insurance - MedUniqa. This private insurance is fully paid by Levi9 and is renewed annually. Also, there is a possibility of additional insurance for a family member. Our insurance package includes 1500e for diagnostic annually and annual health systematic examination. The Uniqa package also includes insurance against the consequences of an accident, 24 hours a day during the agreed duration of insurance, without territorial restrictions.
Personal development plan
We care about your development. Every Niner creates own career development plan on an annual basis under the mentorship of his manager.
Levi9 Academy
Levi9 is the place where you can develop yourself in every phase of your career, so we created Levi9 Academy to provide you with all resources needed to advance. Levi9 Academy covers different programs, trainings, platforms with useful materials and resources. You will have the possibility to learn though various channels, using different methods to be prepared for the next steps in your career development.
Free access to Udemy for Business platform
Udemy for Business is the part of our Levi9 Academy. You can listen to every course available on Udemy platform using personal Levi9 credentials, available wherever and whenever you want.
Relocation package
If you decided to move to Belgrade, Novi Sad or Zrenjanin to start working in Levi9, we can support you with relocation package.
Educational budget
We are committed to learning, as you can see. There are team budgets that support this mission by giving an opportunity to employees to be certified in desired areas and to attend various professional conferences.
Vacation days loyalty program
At the beginning of your work engagement in Levi9, you will get 23 days of annual leave. After 5 years of working in the company, the number of days of annual leave will increase to 26, after 10 years to 28, and after 15 years, to 30 days. This is our thank you for being loyal to us.
Personalized wellbeing package
To support Niners in their tendency of healthy and well-balanced life habits, we decided to create personalized wellbeing packages. At the quarterly level, every Niner can decide on the package that suits him best in the field of health, sports, and culture.
Home office budget
Understanding the different circumstances in which Niners do business daily has led us to, in addition to the ability to pick up equipment from the office, also provide the ability to buy the equipment that would suit more. That way, everyone will be able to choose the equipment for their home office according to their personal affinities.
Discount program
This program is designed to bring together all business partners with whom we have a discount agreement on services or product (various restaurants, shops, foreign language schools, gyms…). As a Levi9 employee, you will receive a card that is used as an identification for a discount.
Family activities
Family members are extended Niners’s community. We design many activities you can enjoy with your partner and kids e.g. company parties, Movement CSR action, tailored-made kid’s workshops to celebrate NYE, gifts for holidays, vouchers to welcome new baby… and there is a possibility to include family members in private health insurance plan on favorable terms.
Work-life balance
We have a master’s degree in work-life balance.
Day off for 1st grader’s parents
We know that the first day of school is a big deal for kids and their parents. For this reason, we offer a day off for working moms and dads on the 1st of September or any other day when their kid(s) enroll in elementary school.
Creativity is the business, tech is the tool! To boost it, we nurture open, pro-active, fun, transparent working environment. We are loyal and we always find time for each other – you can hear this as one of the strongest impressions from Niners.
Levi9 is service company that is focused on business tech. That means that we are engaged to create lasting change to customer’s business with creative, technological customization.
Niners are creating impact and having hands-on client’s decissions, that’s something called Customer Intimacy. It’s not only a marketing-sales concept, it’s proven by our customers: 85% of Levi9 customers would recomend us, shows Giarte Research’s Outsourcing Performance study, the largest benchmark study of IT managed services in the Netherlands.
During the COVID-19 pandemic we are working fully remote, and recruitment processes are also taking place online. Depending on different roles there are slight differences, but you can expect process that include CV review, phone call, HR interview, test, and technical interview.
Usually, this is how online recruitment process looks like:
We meet in unusual circumstances, but we believe that it will not stop us from making the beginning of the Levi9 adventure as pleasant and easy as possible. Online onboarding is a project we are especially proud of.
What you can expect?
  • Your work equipment will be ready before your start day, so you can pick it up earlier and be ready for beginning. And maybe some presents on top! :)
  • You will get links for the pre-onboarding reading to get to know us better.
  • Before start date, we will present you in detail how your first workday will look like, so on that day you can just login and start meeting with your colleagues.
  • On the first day you will get insight in our employee handbook designed to make onboarding easier.
  • There is also our intranet for fresh company news.
  • And the most important thing – you will get a support system aka your buddy (colleague that will take care of you at the beginning), your Department Manager and dedicated Talent Partner.
And much more, but let’s leave something for later!
If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact feel free to contact
VRH  IT POSLODAVAC 2021 - top 10
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  • Jula 1994. godine kometa je udarila u Jupiter i omogućila da se po prvi put posmatra direktan sudar dva objekta u Sunčevom sistemu. Udarivši u Jupiter, kometa Shoemaker–Levy 9 izazvala je eksplozije jače od ukupnog nuklearnog arsenala na Zemlji i ostavila za sobom kratere prečnika Zemlje. Sa vizijom uticaja sličnih razmera na IT tržište, aprila 2005. godine osnovana je kompanija Levi9 Technology Services. 

    Levi9 je servisna kompanija koja pruža usluge razvoja, implementacije, održavanja i testiranja softvera međunarodnim klijentima. Sedište kompanije nalazi se u Amsterdamu, a svoje usluge pružamo izrazvojnih centara u Srbiji, Ukrajini i Rumuniji. Tokom petnaest godina uspešnog poslovanja sarađivali smo sa brojnim svetski poznatim klijentima, među kojima su Heineken, Hyundai, Adidas, Tom Tom, Xerox, Tele 2, Scania i mnogi drugi. 

    Sedište razvojnog centra u Srbiji nalazi se u Novom Sadu, a 2014. godine otvorena je i kancelarija u Zrenjaninu. U jedanaestu godinu uspešnog poslovanja, Levi9 ulazi i sa kancelarijom u Beogradu. Sa svoje tri kancelarije razvojni centar u Srbiji je najveći i broji 600+ IT stručnjaka. Moderno opremljene kancelarije se nalaze u samom centru Novog Sada, Beograda i Zrenjanina, a u toku pandemije radimo u potpunosti remote.

    Sve se u Levi9 zasniva na ljudima i procesima. Težimo da okupimo najtalentovanije profesionalce i omogućimo im da se kontinuirano usavršavaju u inspirativnom okruženju visoke tehnologije. Ljudi jesu najveća snaga i vrednost naše kompanije. Kvalitet poslovanja i usluga koje pružamo upravo su odraz kvaliteta rada svakog pojedinačnog člana naših timova, a svi zajedno činimo najveći i najvažniji, Levi9 tim. 

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    Levi9 je nažalost klasična outsourcing kompanija koja traži ljude bez ličnog i profesionalnog integriteta kako bi mogla da zaradjuje na razlici izmedju onog što im daje I koliko njihov rad zaista naplaćuje.To i ne bi bilo tako loše da vi zapravo ne zavisite od dobre volje klijenata.Ono što je najgore jesu takozvane evaluacije gde se zaposleni navode da ogovaraju kolege I tako se sprovodi navodna procena zaposlenih.Prema tome,svaki odnos je lažan u startu.Pored ovoga,akcenat nije na tehničkom kvalitetu već na tračaranju,vezama i agilnom teroru.Sve u svemu, iako sam ovde pročitao mnogo sličnih negativnih komentara nisam verovao u njih i u početku nije tako izgledalo,nažalost,pokazalo se istinitim.Firma je klasična eksploatatorska outsourcing priča.Za juniore i svršene studente ok,za sve iskunije sa gramom ličnog integriteta-ZA IZBEGAVANJE U ŠIROKOM LUKU.

  • Pozicija
    Prosečna neto zarada
    Min Max

    Software Developer
    20 plata
    1440 EUR / mesečno
    600 3000

    Software Engineer
    3 plate
    1067 EUR / mesečno
    800 1600

    Test Engineer
    7 plata
    757 EUR / mesečno
    600 1100

    Delivery Manager
    4 plate
    1550 EUR / mesečno
    1300 1900

    DevOps Engineer
    5 plata
    1180 EUR / mesečno
    600 1700

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