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Front-end Developer

CreITive Fonsoft d.o.o


As obvious from the fact that you're looking at this page - we're looking for talented front-end developer to grow our awesome team. However, talented is not very specific at all, so first, we'll tell you a little bit about you (bear with us, we wanted to be a little poetic here).

Your limit is always the offset-top of your knowledge, and the borders of your creativity cannot be limited by any browser's edges.

It's trivial for you to win the battles with the big four, but your special skills include overpowering the big bad IE on the last level.

You try your best to complete every project at the speed of 60fps, and translate every design into a pixel-perfect page that looks great on all devices (you see where we're going with this, the rest of this article is exactly the same).

You know at least the basics of JavaScript, but you aim for understanding all the popular frameworks to be able to build single-page applications on your own.

You are one of the rare front-end developers that kicks ass with Git.

You are experienced with various front-end frameworks (okay, Bootstrap), and you understand their inner workings. It's easy for you to pick up new ones though, and you've at least considered making your own - if you haven't already created it.

You swear by BEM and are confused about why not everyone is using it.

Your artistic side drives you to draw works of art on the canvas, so you can display them on the web for everyone to see.

You care about every single HTML element and class you use to style your markup.

You can explain the difference between layout, paint, and composite to your grandma (okay, we're exaggerating a bit here - but if she understands it, maybe she should apply as well).

You love SASS and playing with mixins, CSS animations, and JavaScript callbacks.

You see every project as an opportunity to try something new, and do stuff better - even if you sometimes realize you made a bad decision, at least you know for next time (we all make mistakes, but that's how we learn).

Every bug is a nightmare for you, but you're brave and don't let them discourage you, so you always get rid of them before anyone else notices (or at least before the client sees them).

You're definitely a team player, and ready to compromise with our back-end, QA, and management army, to satisfy the standards of our designers.

Your code always passes testing with shining colors, and the clients never wait more than 2 seconds to see your work of art.

Your heart is in a pixel, and your soul on the field, where you do your best to satisfy your own criteria first and foremost, but also to understand and fulfill the client requirements.

And here at CreITive, many things are guaranteed - it's very hard to be late for work with flexible working hours (though some of us definitely try). You'll never have a vitamin crisis as we're always stocked with fresh fruit - but you can also get your caffeine fix at any time, as we understand the importance of coffee. We're pet-friendly so you don't need to leave your furry friend in a pet hotel. There is always someone happy to play a game of table football, table tenniss, darts, Nintendo Wii, or whatever - in order to provide some active rest when you get tired. And our competitive salaries will help you avoid being hungry, thirsty, naked or homeless.

So if you'd like to spend your days with an awesome team, working on exciting and challenging projects, and always learning something new, you can upload your CV via the apply button, and we'll get back to you as soon as we finish fixing this annoying IE issue where some elements are inexplicably positioned under the browser's scrollbar.

Deadline for applications: 10.12.2020.

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  • Kompanija CreITive je osnovana 2012. godine, uspešno posluje i svoje proizvode plasira nainostrano tržište, Dubai i Singapur, gde ima svoja predstavništva.

    Ova kompanija specijalizovana je za izradu custom web i mobilnih aplikacija, online platformi, Startup-ova, gde pored kompletne izrade projekta (UX/UI design, Back-end, Front-end, Androidi iOS development) pokriva i digitalni marketing i oglašavanje.

    Tim zaposlenih je sastavljen od mladih i ambicioznih ljudi koji su veoma posvećeni svom poslu i koji se trude da svakom novom klijentu pruže i više nego što očekuje, a na taj način obezbede profesionalnu satisfakciju i dobar glas.

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    Balans između karijere i privatnog života
    Utisak o radu u kompaniji na poziciji ​Quality Assurance Director
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    Pozitivna iskustva o kompaniji:

    Mlad, ali iskusan tim, pozitivna radna atmosfera, mogućnost sticanja međunarodnog iskustva, lokacija firme u širem centru Beograda.

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