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Java Spring Developer

Global IT Factory


As we are now expanding our customer base globally, the opportunity exists for a competent and self-driven individual to work remotely with our Belgrade team as an: Java Spring Developer

This position fills an important role for growth and success of our company.  Working alongside true professionals with plenty of industry experience, Java Spring developer will be given plenty of responsibility and freedom to create quality and performant frontend application.

We are looking at getting senior developer for this role, however ambitious medior will also be considered.

Our architecture, technology stack and development practices are aimed to the latest, best industry practices, and Java Spring Developer is expected to participate on that course. Technologies include Java Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Oracle Cloud Services, REST, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins etc.

Ambitious and motivated individuals have a path to progress to Team Leader and Architect roles.

Why Work with us:

  • This position is a space rocket for backend developers. We get candidates with some backend and Java Spring experience and within a year or two they become extremely proficient at Java Spring and start being able to mentor other developers.
  • We work with a small team that is very strong technically. You’ll be working alongside Senior Developers, with plenty of industry experience. Exposure to hard backend and performance challenges, within a strong team, fosters personal and professional growth.
  • We’ll trust you and help you grow. You’ll be given plenty of responsibility as your role will be vital for the company to meet its proposed targets. We also take career development seriously and provide education and courses as needed.
  • Work from anywhere. We rely on top global talent, not only those living within a 10km radius from the office. We trust our people to work remotely and deliver on the proposed results.

What You’ll do:

Here are the main objectives we’d like you to achieve:

  • After 1 month, be fully onboard on the company’s Curriculum Management application and deliver minor features independently. We have our own Virtual Onboarding process.
  • After 3 months, deliver major features independently, suggest performance improvements and provide assistance with application architecture design.
  • Work closely to fronted developer and define powerful and efficient REST APIs.
  • Communicate effectively with the Architect, UI/UX designer and Product owner.

What should you know:

  • Java Spring Framework; Spring Boot; Java.
  • RESTful Web Services and APIs.
  • SQL and relational dbs

Who we are:

Global IT Factory is an IT Services Company that specializes in the provision of leading-edge, cost-effective IT Products and Services by leveraging our global delivery teams located in Serbia and Australia.

We are specialised in Higher Education Digital Solutions leveraging the latest Cloud/Web, Mobility and IoT technologies. Our ISO9001:2015 certified IT Factory approach combines innovation with efficient and repeatable IT delivery processes.

Our clients are some of the top universities in the APAC region, and now, we are expanding globally.

Our company’s mission is to empower universities around the globe to manage and collaborate on designing Curicullums, Courses and Programs for their students. Furthermore, we create standard for them.

We have been listed by Gartner as one of 12 word’s producers of Curicullum Managements Systems.

Interested? Apply Now!

Feedback will be provided to all applicants.

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Posao Java Developer (94 oglasa)


Mid/Senior Software Engineer (Java)


TelQ Telecom

1.500 - 3.000 EUR (mesečna plata)

Software Engineer


CCBill SRB d.o.o.

Beograd, Niš, Novi Sad
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