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Magento Architect




Engine23 is a steadily growing startup, comprised of eCommerce experts who understand every last step of the customer journey. From code development to campaign deployment, our team knows what works for optimizing conversions.

Now we're looking for our next key member -- a Magento Architect to drive innovation across our team and evolve the Magento platform. Most importantly, we're looking for someone who can take this role and make it their own, bringing ideas and enthusiasm to the table, while truly commanding their position within the company.

You would be joining our mostly remote team, headquartered in New York. Our team is mostly remote because we aim to hire the best of the best... not just the "best nearby." If you have demonstrable success and innovation on Magento (and a resume we simply shouldn't miss) we encourage you to apply, no matter where you live.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Motivation to:

  • Develop full stack on the Magento 2 framework with clean, standard-compliant, self-documenting, and well architected code.
  • Architect, review, and communicate plans for solutions and quality assurance, along with reviewing implemented solutions for quality to provide feedback for improvement.
  • Debug and investigate code, server configurations, and integrations to identify, understand, communicate, and fix interference with desired functionality.
  • Setup, configure, optimize, maintain, synchronize, and document multistage local, vagrant, dev, stage, production running LAMP and LNMP in both hardware and virtual environments including load balancers.
  • Configure and optimize standard server components such as Redis, Memcache, SOLR, Varnish, Memcache, and New Relic; along with 3rd party custom software integrations.
  • Understand OS level concepts such as SSL CSR generation and Certificate install; Configuring server SSL, ports, and firewall security for PCI compliance, email authentication through SPF and DKIM; Hardening system configurations; Bash scripting; Yum and Apt-get package managers.
  • Organize and track details to release software, server updates, and configuration changes through staged environment to production with consistent expected results.
  • Understand GIT at development and devop level to support team development environments, act as Merge Master, and clean up any issues that arise with repositories.
  • Develop and document internal server and software development processes, how-to’s, and troubleshoot references for both self and others.
  • Understanding of eCommerce concepts such as SSL types, PCI procedures, performance optimizations, SEO techniques, marketing integrations, email campaigns, delivery options and how they affect customers.
  • Ensure robust environments, backup solutions, monitoring solutions and ability to respond to uptime related issues.
  • Mastery of semantic HTML5, JavaScript (ES6), modern CSS, and CSS preprocessor.
  • Proficient understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues and ways to work around them.
  • Good understanding of asynchronous request handling, partial page updates, and AJAX.

Preferred Education, Technical Skills, and Experience:

  • Experience: 8+ yrs Development Experience, 4+ yrs Server Experience, 7+ yrs Magento Experience
  • Education Level: Bachelor's Degree.
  • Field Of Study: Technical in nature.
  • Requires deep backend knowledge of at least one Modern PHP Framework or Platform such as Magento, Symfony, Laravel, Zend, or Yii.
  • Experience with the following required: PHP, Magento 2, Composer, LESS, jQuery, MySQL, Apache, Linux (CentOS preferred), and XML.
  • Experience with any of the following is a bonus: Magento 1, RequireJS, KnockoutJs, jQuery UI, ReactJS, VueJS, PHPUnit, and Grunt.
  • Attention to detail with exceptional organizational capabilities.
  • Ability to prioritize with good time management skills.
  • JIRA, Basecamp, and Google Docs experience.
  • Passion for learning and problem-solving.
  • Provide examples of work and complete a coding challenge.
Job listing has expired.
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