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Medior Frontend Engineer

Videobolt d.o.o.



Who are we

Videobolt is an online platform for creating animated motion graphics videos. Our goal from the very beginning is to automate, automate, automate.

Most of our engineering team is highly qualified and experienced, so you will have an opportunity to learn a bunch of cool and innovative stuff.
We are pretty much building everything custom, and we take great pride in that. So, if you like to create new tools, and let hundreds of thousands of people use those tools, we think that Videobolt could be the place for you.

Videobolt is now a team of 15 people and the current frontend team consists of 1 medior and 1 senior (company CPO).

Job description

Our stuff is custom built, so is frontend infrastructure. From DevOps to frontend framework. We are in the process of transitioning from an old framework (built in JS) to new one (Typescript based).

Our frontend infrastructure includes 7+ websites (public and internal) and a bunch of independent modules. All of our modules and websites are built in a way that can be integrated with tools that we find useful, like Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Shopify, SoundCloud etc.

With that in mind, we are looking for a person that is efficient in building UI components, but also wants to learn framework design concepts and upgrade them. This will require good OOP and algorithm, as well as some basic SCSS (SASS) knowledge.

Videobolt is young, growing and not a mainstream product (there aren’t obvious solutions sometimes). That is why we are always looking for creative ways to solve problems and automate them.

Note: we don't use frontend frameworks like React or Angular, but experience in those frameworks can only help.  



  • 2+ years working as a software development
  • Object Oriented Programming knowledge
  • Algorithms, Design patterns and Data structures
  • Javascript and/or Typescript
  • Consuming of RESTful APIs
  • Proficiency in English
  • Experience working in production projects and understanding of git, branches, merge requests, environments, deployments, continuous integration


  • Extensive hands-on knowledge of Typescript and ES6
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Experience using a build toolchain based on Gulp/Rollup/Webpack
  • Experience with frontend frameworks
  • Experience in coding third-party plugins for Adobe suite.

What to send

  • CV
  • Your starting date and availability
  • Your desired salary
  • Optionally, if applicable, some of your github projects / sites / applications

Deadline for applications: 30.08.2022.

Upoznaj kompaniju Videobolt d.o.o.

O Kompaniji

Videobolt is a marketplace for Small & Medium businesses where users can find professional video designs and customize them to their own needs using our proprietary online editing platform which is easy to use.

We raise the bar for online video production by making complex, beautiful design available to everyone, from individuals to Enterprises. Covering the needs of youtubers, influencers, e-commerce stores, musicians, gamers, streamers, small agencies and other SMBs.

Through years of experience we realised that the current Marketplace solution based on templated video and an online video editor doesn’t meet the Enterprise needs but the solution can be expanded to streamline most of the video production. Our workflow tool and API solution will be built on top of already existing tech so Enterprises can become video content powerhouses and engage more users using consistent on-brand high quality video.

Using Videobolt Enterprise Solution:
- Team members are able to customize and localize high volume of video.
- The whole process is easily tracked and managed using our live review tools.
- API and custom integration for data sources in order to create variations and personalized video at scale.
-Set of tools for creative team to help them create more dynamic templates.

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