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Medior Wordpress Developer

TechBear d.o.o.

Novi Sad, Jevrejska 4

Who are we?

TechBear is many things. A company that specializes in building websites? Sure. A company that enjoys creating and implementing branding and marketing strategies? Sure. A company that is committed to providing hassle free web solutions to our 700+ clients? You bet. But above all that, TechBear is a diverse group of friends. We love to have fun and learn. We have musicians, jocks, gamers, beer lovers. We have family people and single people, but most importantly, we have happy people. Come meet us.

Who are you?

Well, you are... you. You are authentic. You like to learn and grow. You like to solve problems. If you do not meet all of the listed requirements, please do not be discouraged from applying! We do not hire based off of key words and bullet points, we hire real, authentic people! If you are smart and committed, you can learn what you need to be a perfect fit in our team.


 At TechBear we want your voice to be heard. You'll be working on websites through the whole Development Life Cycle. You will consult and brief our Project Management team. You will write code, lots of it. You'll structure the back-ends and customize the front-ends of websites. If you're stuck, we got you! If we are stuck, we want you to help us! You'll develop, you'll maintain, you'll update, fix bugs, solve issues. You'll learn... a lot. 


It would be ideal if:

  • You have worked on web development projects for at least 1 year.
  • You've got the frontend basics down: HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
  • You're familiar with WordPress backend: WP based PHP and MySQL
  • You're familiar with servers, domains and hosting. You know cPanel and phpMyAdmin.
  • You know what are Custom Post Types, Custom Fields & Custom Taxonomies. 


What's in it for you?

  • Finances: Competitive salary plus weekly bonuses? Cha-ching!
  • Flexibility: The puppy needs attention? Your kid is sick? You don't feel like putting pants on and dealing with people? Life happens and we get it. TechBear makes it possible to work from home should you need to.
  • Growth: A chance to work on new technologies, develop your skill set and move up the ladder. 
  • Location: Work in our cool office in the center of the city. Enjoy your coffee on our terrace and gaze upon the cathedral. 
  • Fun: Snacks, drinks, merch, team buildings, beers in bars after work, you know the drill.
Job listing has expired.

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  • TechBear je kompanija posvećena prepravljanju starih web sajtova u profesionalne web prezentacije. Potpuno obnavljaju sajtove kako bi stvorili funkcionalno rešenje za klijente. Za male biznise kreiraju web sajtove, kao i sadržaj za društvene mreže. 

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