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We are continually looking for new opportunities in the internet world, and for this, we're looking to assemble a team of highly motivated and smart individuals who will further our network.

To that end, we are looking for a competent: QA Assistant

work from home

full-time freelance position


Job Description 

As a QA Assistant, you will be responsible for analyzing and testing websites and online products/software to ensure they're fully functional and operational before they're launched. In short, your job will be to help the company create the best products on the market by ensuring that all features and functions on our SaaS products work flawlessly and provide the optimal user experience.

Therefore, a keen eye for detail, great research skills, innovative and creative thinking, as well as previous experience working in QA, are essential. A curious and dynamic attitude, positive outlook, and willingness to work with adult content on a regular basis, as well as a market-oriented mindset, are also a must.  


  • Work closely in a team in a productive manner
  • Analyze products from the perspective of their functionality and user-friendliness
  • Provide detailed, precise, and concise instructions to the programmers
  • Convey features and potential improvements in a clear and constructive manner
  • Brainstorm and explore new ways to improve and grow an online business
  • Conduct tests and write quality assessment reports for a variety of projects
  • Make improvement suggestions and recommendations
  • Creating training materials and user manuals.

What to bring

  • High-level English language skills and great communication skills
  • Previous work experience in QA or related fields (SEO, content publishing)
  • Decent understanding of WordPress
  • Goal-driven attitude
  • Willingness to work with adult content
  • Being creative and innovative
  • Problem-solving mentality
  • Organizational skills
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Excellent data collection and analysis skills


  • Working knowledge of Google Docs and Monday.com (or other CRM systems)
  • Comfortable working in a deadline-driven environment and with a productivity tracking  tool such as Timedoctor
  • Previous work experience in a similar position is required
  • Capable of sitting 8 or more hours behind the computer
  • Being able to acquire new information quickly and put it to use
  • Available for occasional work over the weekend
  • Able to accept and implement feedback 


  • Ability to work from home with flexible hours for the foreseeable future
  • Working in a results-oriented environment
  • Excellent prospects for career advancement and valuable work experience for people just starting their career
  • Salary range: €400 – €500/month

Growth opportunities

When you’re a QA assistant, the sky’s the limit. Everything is designed to facilitate the ambitious marketing entrepreneurs with opportunities for growth. The position offers an exciting trajectory for fast-track career development. If you are looking to move up the ladder, are ambitious and have the skills to match it, then you can upgrade to the position of a QA analyst, QA manager, and eventually a project or marketing manager, marketing director, and finally, a business owner with a stake in the company. 

Your base salary, along with your commission, depends on the value that you bring to the highly structured organization that the company has built. Our client will grant you full access to the resources, including capital, workforce, and technology, to create something significant and long-lasting. 

What’s next?

Does the position of QA  Assistant speak to you and is it something you’d excel at? If that’s a yes, click on Apply Now and send us your CV and cover letter in ENGLISH. These two documents mark the start of the application process, so we will use them to evaluate your English skills. If they are in any other language, we won’t take your application into consideration.

To ensure your qualifications match the company’s goals, we’ve created a multi-step selection process that will assess your skills. The process includes several test assignments, as well as interviews so that we can get to know you better. Therefore, give it your best shot and get ready to use this opportunity to the fullest.

Apply here

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    Klijenti AbeloHost-a će imati koristi od povećanih performansi i veće sigurnosti servera i mrežnih resursa prilagodljivih da zadovolje zahteve velikog posla. U skladu sa holandskim zakonom, korisnicima se garantuje potpuni integritet podataka.

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    Prijavio sam se kod njih ukupno 5 puta... Prva dva puta su me odbili, ostatak su me prihvatili i uradio sam tri projekta za njih, testiranje. Ni jedan mi nisu isplatili, ali su zato uredno uzeli i prihvatili to što sam uradio. Tražio sam svoj novac za to, ali mi više nisu odgovarali na mejlove. Onda sam pokušao da kontaktiram vlasnika (ili bar osobu koja mi se predstavila kao vlasnik) putem Skajpa i svaki put kada bi mi se javio, to bi bilo kratko i samo "Hello".

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