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Milan Pisarić
Services Team Manager
Postavi pitanje poslodavcu
Milan Pisarić
Services Team Manager
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Software Developer (C/C++)

Keba d.o.o.

Novi Sad

Who are we

KEBA Novi Sad is founded in 2012, as a subsidiary of the Austrian company KEBA AG, which was founded in 1968 in Linz. Alongside Industrial Automation as the major business area, some of our other areas of interest are banking automation, energy automation, electro-mobility, logistics, etc.

What would you do in KEBA

As a Software Developer you will be part of an engineering team that develops advanced solutions, based on latest technologies in Industrial Automation. Keba seeks a new team member, ideally with prior experience in development and maintenance of communication protocols, preferably OPC UA. If object-oriented programming is your cup of tea – or even better, if C++ is your favorite programming language, do not hesitate to apply. It would be a pleasure for us to welcome you as soon as possible in the Keba Family in Novi Sad.

Experience/Skills Required

► 2+ years of C/C++ development experience

► OOP as a preferred programming paradigm

► Knowledge of Git or other source control management systems

► Strong diagnostic skills applicable to complex systems

► Self-motivated team player and a great attitude towards solving problems

► Excellent English, written and verbal communication skills

Experience/Skills Desired

► Experience with OPC UA or other industrial communication protocols is a plus

► Experience with GitLab, CI/​CD pipeline using technologies like Docker is a plus

► Working knowledge of Linux operating system would be a great plus

► Experience in Automation technologies would be a great plus

► Knowledge of Python (and other programming languages) is also welcome

► Experience in working in agile (Scrum) teams

► Knowledge of German language is desirable, but not required

► Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering, Computer/Information Science or similar fields

Benefits offered by KEBA

► Great team spirit nurtured as a main aspect of our company’s culture

► Flexible work time

► Compensatory time (no lost overtime hours/minutes)

► Flexible Home Office handling

► Ability to reduce workload for a defined time

► 22 vacation days (+additional days for loyal employees)

► Self-learning time (10% of total working time)

► Internal library, trainings, online courses, conferences participation

► Private health insurance

► Public transportation expenses

► Christmas gifts (vouchers) for KEBA children

► Fully equipped kitchen and dining/chill-out area in our new premises

► Free coffee and tea

Apply here

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  • KEBA d.o.o. Novi Sad is a subsidiary of the Austrian company KEBA AG, which was founded in 1968 in Linz, where are now the headquarters of the whole group. KEBA is today an international company whose success stems from technological innovations, precise standards of quality and dynamic approach and enthusiasm of its employees. Hence the company's slogan - "Automation by innovation" 

    KEBA is now a multi-company group, with branches worldwide. In all areas of business, KEBA is constantly working on new developments and industrial solutions to create a lasting competitive advantage for its customers. Some of the major business sectors are:

    - industrial automation

    - banking automation

    - electro-mobility

    - energy automation

    - logistics, etc.

    It has been operating in Novi Sad and Serbia since 2012, with software projects being carried out within the Industrial Automation sector. Apart from the main branch in Linz, the employees of Novi Sad cooperate on a daily basis also with the Dutch company DELEM, which is part of the KEBA group 

    How does our recruitment and selection process look like?

    After you apply, you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt at the e-mail address you provided. It is very important for us to give feedback as soon as possible. Therefore, you can count on a reliable response from our team within a week. All candidates who meet the criteria stated in the advertisement are invited for a technical interview on the premises of the company.

    Although we do not have open positions at all times, we are very interested in meeting and talking to each candidate. KEBA's Novi Sad collective is a heterogeneous structure - both in experience and years, as well as in interests and fields of work - and we look forward in advance to any email that arrives at our address

    What do we offer our employees?

    KEBA is proud of its story in Novi Sad. Although small, our team manages to gain greater confidence and success within the KEBA Group year after year. All the products we work on - software and hardware - are part of our company, so business decisions and strategies are made within the group and our engineers do not have to fear the deadlines that should have been achieved yesterday.

    KEBA supports the initiatives of its employees. Therefore it is not strange that some innovative scientific research projects are started in Novi Sad. On the other hand, although planned and managed by Linz, some of the projects of major importance to the KEBA Group as a whole have their lifespan in Serbia.

    Some of the benefits we offer are: flexible working hours, casual work from home, private health insurance, business trips abroad, casual dress code, team-building activities and others.

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  • Prosečna ocena
    na osnovu 3 recenzije
    Mogućnost napredovanja
    Balans između karijere i privatnog života
    Utisak o radu u kompaniji na poziciji Software Developer
    Najnoviji utisak

    Pozitivna iskustva o kompaniji:

    - dobri ljudi pa samim tim i atmosfera - korektan odnos sa poslodavcem - stabilni projekti bez velikih kašnjenja u većini slučajeva dobro planirani - nema velikog pritiska - klizno radno vreme sa core time-om od 8:30 do 15:30 kada bi se trebalo biti na poslu - prekovremeno se akumulira i može se iskoristiti kasnije za npr. kraći rad petkom ili nešto slično - 22 dana godišnjeg + 2 dana posle 5 godina - privatno zdravstveno osiguranje

    Zamerke kompaniji:

    - svi zaposleni su principu developeri, i kada je broj zaposlenih prešao neku granicu polako se javljaju ogranizacioni problemi zbog kojih u poslednje vreme radna atmosfera malo trpi - nadam se da će uskoro biti rešeno - ne vidim da se može puno napredovati u firmi usled flat hijerarhije

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