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Web Frontend Developer

netcare d.o.o.


Beautiful Belgrade, here we come. At netcare we are taking care of international IT projects for some of the biggest companies in the world. We develop and test IT solutions, organize rollouts, conduct trainings and carry out support. We have four venues in Germany (Neustetten and Leinfelden-Echterdingen near Stuttgart, Frankfurt am Main and Berlin) and one overseas in Chattanooga/USA. Now we opened up a new branch in Belgrade to support customers such as Mercedes Benz, Commerzbank or Conrad Electronics. Come join us and be part of shaping our newest love child.

Our development team in Belgrade is looking for fulltime support at the earliest possible date. You’ll be part of exciting projects in the E-commerce and Automotive sector for our high-profile customers.

Your Tasks: 

  • Designing and implementing web frontend solutions based on Vue.js, Angular and/or React for our customers
  • Development of complex web application frontends
  • Working in an international team and agile environment with state-of-the-art methods (e.g. Scrum)

Your Skills: 

  • Having a degree in computer science or something comparable
  • Solid Frontend Developer experiences of 4+ years
  • Minimum of 1+ years experiences with VUE.js, Stencil.js
  • Experience in Lerna, Monorepos, cross-product structures, web components
  • Practical experience working with and on JavaScript libraries and frameworks such as Angular, React, Vue.js, Webpack, jQuery or also CSS precompilers (SASS, LESS) as well as development tooling (eg Closure-Compiler, Grunt, Yeoman, Bower, Karma, SVN, NodeJS, NPM, Git)
  • Common web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 (and know their preceding equivalents), you have gained experience with CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap or Foundation
  • Realising innovative, multilingual, responsive and dynamic user interfaces
  • Your know-how in the focus area of testing dealing with frameworks such as Jasmine, Mocha or QUnit and Protractor will help in integrating the best software quality possible
  • Very good written and spoken English
  • Team spirit, self-initiative and service orientation


  • Practical experience with modern web-frontend development (JavaScript, HTML, CSS)
  • Experience with Jira and Confluence
  • Some knowledge of German
  • Analytical skills, fast perception and goal-oriented work ethic

What to expect:

You will join a talented bunch of bright minds developing state-of-the-art solutions for some of the biggest companies in the world. We love what we do and therefore we do it very well. We also love our hands-on mentality and the relaxed atmosphere at netcare where meeting each other at eye level is one of our core values.

We are known for our flat hierarchies, quick decision processes and great passion towards the newest of the new in the IT world. You will quickly assume responsibilities and get lots of space for your ideas.

How do you apply? Conveniently via our website. Simply click on "Apply now" and follow the next steps. We are looking forward to your application and already are very excited about it.

Stefan Bissinger
HR Manager

Job listing has expired.
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