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What we do?


3Lateral develops innovative technologies that allow digitization of human appearance and motion at unprecedented level of realism.

We have been recognized as pioneers and innovators in the gaming industry and have a long list of successful AAA gaming projects behind us, all focused on high quality characters where major developers and publishers worldwide have assigned us with a key role in setting the pipeline and executing projects such as: Marvel Spiderman, Electronic Arts Star Wars Battlefront II, Battlefield I, Activision's Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto IV and V  together with many other titles. Gaming and film are only the first industries to use our products, technology itself is applicable in many others like AI, biometrics, robotics, research and even in industries which may come as a surprise such as automotive since autonomous cars would like to understand human reactions, too. In order to digitize an appearance of human, we produce an end to end solution- from electronics and hardware for 3D and 4D scanning, systems that store the data in our state of the art data center, databases and pipeline solutions to processing algorithms, semantic solvers and real time engine solutions that render the processed data. ​ We produce digital humans which can populate a game, VR and AR experience, be a face of Artificial Intelligence or train Artificial Intelligence to understand the face, check identity to high degree of accuracy, check and track potentially dangerous skin changes, visualize a person based only on a description and many other exciting applications.

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