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Going beyond the expected is a mindset – a clear purpose that sits at the heart of everything we do. It encourages us to keep pushing and going that little bit further. It drives the high standards we’re proud of. It means seeking the best solutions and stretching ourselves so we go beyond our targets and goals – for our customers, the business and ourselves.

Katarina, Customer Support:

‘’ I have to mention a time when customer service had an unusually high backlog from all of the calls, tickets, and tasks that were coming our way from our customers. I talked to the other team leaders and the CS team, and we agreed to completely abandon all of our meetings and schedules, pull up our sleeves, sit down with the team and help clear up the backlog. During the course of one week, we responded to almost 500 emails together, which helped immensely with the backlog. We improved customer experience, and in the end we really showed that we were there for the team and that as a team, we can do anything together. ‘’

Dan, Fibre Infrastructure:

‘’ I worked with one lead engineer in particular, Trevor, who on a daily basis would go the extra mile without question. He takes pride in his work and would stay until the job was done to a T. Working with Trevor brushed off on me because I could see that being focused on what needs to get done and on doing it right every single day means you don’t necessarily have to put your back out to do something to a great standard. When Trevor was promoted to a coaching role, I spoke with my OTMs and my co-workers, and we agreed that it’d be a good opportunity for me to lead the team to gain knowledge of the network and build leadership skills. I found myself in the deep end but took the opportunity with both hands and focused on getting things done the right way. That got me to where I am now, as a lead engineer with my own team. ‘’

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