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From Interns to Employees: A New Batch of Enthusiastic Techies Just Finished Our Internship Stream!


Bright minds with bright ideas – it’s the simplest way to describe all the interns we had in our latest Internship Program. Starting from June 20th and finishing on September 20th, a total of 9 bright-eyed tech-lovers walked into our offices and set about cutting their teeth in the world of tech.

For this stream, we had three streams – QA, Fullstack .NET, and Fullstack Java – and they all worked on the same project – THE CUBE. What’s THE CUBE? We’ll just say that it’s a ‘marketing tool’ because we can’t really get into details, as this was a real project, but the interns took care of it basically from the start – all they were given was an idea, and they built the whole thing from scratch: the front, the back, and did all the testing in between – with the guidance of mentors and seniors, of course.

And after finishing the 90 days, some of these fantastic young techies decided to continue their tech journey with IT Labs – so kudos and a warm welcome to Valeria Chuiko, Petar Partaloski, Viktor Ciforov, Marina Pesic, and Dragan Petrovski!

A big thank you to all the interns for choosing IT Labs, and of course, special gratitude to the mentors – Simona Stavreva (QA Stream), Martin Trajkov (FS Java Stream), and Dragana Petrushevska (FS .NET Stream) who selflessly shared their knowledge and guided the interns along the way!

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