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IT Labs Go-kart Races: First to The Finish Line


The thrill and excitement of F1 racing are unique – there’s the rush, it’s demanding, and the bragging rights belong to whoever crosses the finish line first or gets the best time. Now, F1 racing is not something you can just go to a racetrack and do – but you can do the next best thing: Go-kart racing. And we did just that.

On a sunny day, we gathered at a racetrack, we got our balaclavas and helmets, and we took to the racetrack in groups, all trying to beat the clock – and their competition.

The results? A great experience filled with adrenaline, showing our competitive spirit, and trying our hand at one of the most physically and demanding sports!

We started out with two groups of 10, and the best 4 from each group made it into the final, where they hashed it out for the winner.

The winners are as follows:

  • First place – Marko Hristov
  • Second place – Nomche Bezhanoski
  • Third place – Kristijan Vasilevski

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