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How We Do Things

We offer an informal and relaxed working conditions, and we strive to make our office a home away from home for all employees. This means that you will have flexible working hours, a cozy working place with coffee, drinks, and snacks, and a lounge room to take a nap during our one-hour lunch break (included in your 8-hour working day - we work 7 hours and have an hour-long break). Or, if napping isn't your thing, you can also take a walk in the park or have lunch in one of Novi Sad's many restaurants and coffee shops - our office is located downtown Novi Sad, right across the road from the Dunavski park.

Also, we offer visits to conferences, organize all sorts of learning courses for you, and we will send you on trips to Holland occasionally (our Dutch HQ is located in Haarlem, a suburb of Amsterdam). You also get 27  working days off, as well as all national holidays, in accordance with the law, and paid sick leave. Did we mention we will try to give you a competitive salary, as well? Our financial package also includes a private pension and a private healthcare for all our employees. Finally, all of our employees are hand-picked and we always look for the best available talent. You will be joining a team of exceptionally talented people, who can offer you a great deal of knowledge and experience.

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