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Microsoft platform Power BI – leverage the power of your data


Power BI platform is a collection of software services, apps, and connectors, that work together to unite different data sources, as well as to create interactive reports on available data that are optimized on all devices.

We’re living in the 21st century. It’s safe to say that almost all companies you collaborate with have largely launched a digital transformation of their businesses, including the company you work for. The entire industry has recognized that starting the digital transformation process became an unavoidable precondition for survival in the market. So, you’ve done it.

However, it seems that you’re now facing a new series of problems – what to do with so much data? How to integrate data from multiple different resources? The moment that the digital transformation started, the increasing number of your users now has faster access to all information, and a lot of end users, at the same time, demands analytical capabilities and reporting. When a business performance becomes transparent, it comes with elevated standards that require a quicker adjustment to the new situation, i.e., skillful management of your company’s data.

But, how do you do that? How to unlock the potential of large amounts of your data: how to successfully integrate and transform it into specific indicators, based on which you can make business decisions?

We recommend Microsoft Power BI platform.

Why Power BI?

Power BI integrates data from various systems and sources, and then delivers them to users in the form of interactive reports, static, ready-to-print reports, or stand-alone analytical models.

It’s a platform that’s easy to use, and that simultaniously provides a comprehensive analysis of the business, as well as the ability to share your opinions with other team members, annotate reports, and set up a notification system when an indicatior reaches a defined value. These factors directly contribute to the success of the Power BI platform on the market: a comprehensive vision of the product, ease of use regardless of the complexity of analysis, and, of course, a favourable price.

However, this is not an ordinary BI tool. Power BI improves the worfklow of your business, making your data work for you, because it’s offering you, among other things, a way to monitor KPIs of your business. Whenever some indicator in your reports reaches a certain value, you’ll automatically recieve an email or notifaction in Microsoft Teams. For that purpose, Microsoft Flow is used, which supports many possible integrations of Power BI tool. Some of the supported apps are Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Microsoft Forms, Microsoft Teams, Twitter, Slack, Wunderlist, Trello, etc.

Power BI allows you greater insight into your business, empowering you to make better business decisions based on available data, and even anticipate how your business will develop in the future.

Benefits of Power BI solution:

  • Compatibility with your existing infrastructure,
  • Both cloud and on-premise implementation,
  • Enables user collaboration,
  • Reports via PC, tablet, or mobile,
  • Features both interactive and static reports,
  • The possibility of creating analytical models for each process of your business,
  • Automatic report distribution in multiple file formats, through channels of your choice,
  • We provide maintenance and customer support,
  • We train your employees.

A well-implemented BI system is the basis for making decisions which will help you maximize profits, reduce operational costs, control business risks, and also recognize in time the opportunities for innovation.

Every BI solution adapts to specific needs of the client, the existing infrastructure, the characteristic of the local market, as well as the legal framework. If you want to look at the sample set of reports that track financial indicators and sales success, you can do that on the following link: https://analytics.comtradeintegration.com/solutions/bi-solution-demo/.

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