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Power Apps: Comprehensive Low-Code Solution


A platform that enables automation, acceleration and simplification of creating application, designed to transform work processes and organization productivity.

A platform that enables automation, acceleration and simplification of creating application, designed to transform work processes and organization productivity.

A recent Gartner study predicts that “65% of software development will be on a low-code basis“, by 2024. Low-code allows developers to quickly create applications, most commonly by using drag-and-drop components and model-driven logic through a graphical user interface.

Power Apps is used for fast and easy development of business applications within Office 365. It’s a low-code Microsoft development platform, with a set of applications, services and connectors that constitute a good working environment for the development of applications, tailored to different business needs. Created in this way, applications provide a prolific business logic and additional work opportunities, due to the automation and digitalization of traditional business processes. With this platform, it’s possible to easily turn ideas into fast and efficient organizational solutions.

Microsoft’s platform is designed to suit every organization. Where other platforms fail, Power Apps continues, providing inventive solutions, forms, and commands. It’s about having one platform with endless possibilities, for the first time. Choose Office 365 and Dynamic 365 and enjoy powerful applications that improve productivity and business data availability. Among many options, there are options to personalize Share Point Online, use Power Apps with Microsoft Teams, as well as create applications via Dynamic 365. Also, it’s possible to create highly customized task and role-based applications. This is how automation, data collection, and business problem-solving are achieved.

All your data will be in one place that you can access without using silos. Connectivity, with over 275 cloud services, files, databases, and network APIs, is built in. Also, the addition of custom-connectors and on-premises sources is available. You can use data with the help of Common Data Service and have relevant insights for optimal change management.

Regarding security and compliance issues, access to information is controlled from the Active Directory, to restrict access to data and systems. Here, everything is connected to the same authentication mechanisms, as with other Microsoft solutions. GDPR compliance is automatically provided for all applications created through this platform.

Mobile applications developed through Power Apps and Flow are more secure than they would be if created in a different way, owing to platform’s Microsoft standard. IT sectors use Power Apps and Flow to eliminate shadow IT and maintain control over the management of applications developed by end users.

Rely on Microsoft’s robust structure for complex upgrades. Massive scalability is enabled by working on Azure. Empowering all developers across the organization quickly unlocks new values, with enabled access via smartphones and tablets. No matter where they are, users are now able to achieve much more than before.

Solution overview

Key features of the workshop solution:

  • Ability to browse through a selection of devices and filter the list by manufacturer
  • Select devices to compare
  • View detailed specs for the selected devices on a second comparison screen
  • Select a device to order
  • Enter order details into a customized form, including an optional coupon image
  • By default, have the approver set to the logged-in user manager
  • Capture additional default properties, such as date of request
  • Store device orders in a secure and scalable database
  • Enable an admin to view all device orders
  • Follow a customized procurement process to place purchase orders for devices
  • Send an automated approval request email when the order is placed
  • Allow the approver to approve or reject an order and add comments without leaving their email inbox
  • View all sent and received approval requests on the web and mobile
  • Notify the user via email when their order is approved or rejected

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