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17th Virtus Award: Let no good deed remain hidden

Aleksandra Milić

We are incredibly proud to have been recognized as a company worthy of the VIRTUS award once again. This achievement highlights our ongoing commitment to our goals of empowering women in our company and community, and we enjoy being a part of it.

What does the Virtus award represent?

The Trag Foundation is one of the biggest philanthropic organizations in Serbia. During the last 17 years, they have been trying to shine a light on good deeds, help them to remain visible, and inspire others to do the same. We're proud to stand along in advancing women empowerment, a cause we're passionate about.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve teamed up with eight NGO organizations and have created  projects that help women who suffer from abuse and human trafficking, those who are fighting poverty, create platforms for job opportunities for women and many more as part of Code for a Cause campaign over the years. Each of these projects is like a little spark that ignites big change. And together, they’re lighting up the world in all the best ways possible.

  • Organization Irida - “Women’s Routes” Mobile App aims to raise awareness about significant women in Novi Sad, their lives, work and donations to the city and society.
  • Organization SOS Women’s Center- Strengthening internal capacities for client services and better monitoring of provided services
  • Organization Women’s Initiative - “Pink Flag” App for collecting donations to purchase hygiene products for female students
  • Organization Meal for Family 3M is an organization founded by a mother and two daughters fighting poverty and hunger
  • Organization Irida - “Girls’ Paths” established a scholarship fund to support girls in pursuing their dreams, specifically for computer programming
  • Association Freedom Has No Price is an online platform for the prevention and protection of victims of human trafficking, especially women and children.
  • Association ATINA - “Chance at Work” Web App is for connecting job openings with individuals from vulnerable groups.
  • Association ŽUKO - “Inform Women” website is for raising awareness among women in rural areas through modern technologies.

Every year, we focus on several key actions to support women and girls. Here are the three most important initiatives from last year:

  • “Women in Engineering” is a campaign to highlight the incredible women making an impact in engineering. We shared their inspiring stories through blogs and videos and raised a significant amount of donations for safe houses throughout Serbia and Montenegro.
  • Scholarships for high school girls and female students: scholarships for high school girls and female students to support them on their path of pursuing a career in the IT sector.
  • Code for a cause: During our 2023 Hackathon, we created various software solutions that aim to help women who have suffered from violence, human trafficking and struggle to find jobs in rural areas.

Beyond Boundaries: Building a better future together!

Each project represents a small but significant step towards major change. It’s imperative to support and continue these efforts, as only through collective action we can achieve positive transformations and realize a brighter tomorrow for all.

It's such a privilege to stand side by side with amazing companies and individuals who made philanthropic efforts. We hope that these stories will encourage others to take the step towards  creating their initiatives that can help those in need.