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Code For a Cause 3: the Results and the Conclusion

"Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.” - Plato

In the 48 incredible hours, we have had a chance to see IT enthusiasts who worked on 11 projects, challenged themselves, and let their problem-solving juices flow for a good cause.

This hackathon was a great place for them to show off their skills, exchange ideas with like-minded people, go well beyond their daily routine work and help those who are helping others.

Five male developers working on a project during Code for a Cause 3 Code For a Cause 3 Hackathon
What Are the Hackathon Stats?

From the moment we started to receive applications for the Hackathon we saw that the diversity of participants this year will guarantee a multitude of perspectives that will turn their visionary concepts into functional solutions. And, we are glad we were right!

Here are some Code for a Cause 3 statistics:

100+ Participants 48 Hours 11 Projects 5 IT companies (Emakina.RS, Codebehind, Vivify Ideas, Quantox and Vega IT) 4 Design agencies (Elder, Saturized, PopArt Studio and Baseline) 1 Goal - to make positive changes in our community!

If you think this sounds impressive, wait to learn what we have accomplished. ;-)

What Are the Results?

From 11 projects, we have finished three projects. Five projects are almost complete, while the other three projects will be completed in the upcoming months.

Eight software developers standing and sitting in an office discussing project's requirements at Code for a Cause 3 hackathonBrainstorming at Code For a Cause 3

We are overwhelmed by the fact of how successful each team was, and we are looking forward to seeing all projects go live.

What Are the Projects We Have Worked On?

This year we worked on a record-breaking number of projects! At the initial phase, when we invited non-profit organisations to join the cause, we knew that we as a company have a capacity to work on five or six projects.

During the third and fourth phase of the campaign, we invited design and IT community to join our initiative. This is why we were able to take on twice as many projects as we hoped for!

Here’s what we worked on last weekend:

  1. A website for the City Library in Novi Sad (City Library of Novi Sad) The aim of the project was to enable 25.000 city library users to access the website quickly and easily, view the content, search for the books the library has to offer and see which sections these books belong to.
  2. A web application “Ne radi se, čoveče” (the association “Prevent”) Development of an online educational social game called “Ne radi se čoveče” which would contribute to the prevention of addiction diseases.
  3. Improvement of the map of shareable and solidary Novi Sad ("The Urban Regenerative Sustainability Center”) The aim of the project is to improve the current online maps and, therefore, make free city resources as well as a variety of city initiatives and associations more accessible to the citizens of Novi Sad and help them join these more easily. Simultaneously, this would enable a more straightforward promotion of the events.
  4. Website for “Novo kulturno naselje” The aim of the project is to make a website a place where the community can also get informed about the latest events and activities besides being able to see the presentation of the association’s work. The citizens of Novi Sad will be able to create the content about the part of the city they live in, its history, its actualities and many other things.
  5. The test of knowledge and risk on the website of the Association of the Youth of JAZAS The aim of the website is to create an anonymous test of knowledge and risk regarding HIV/AIDS. The online survey data helps educators gain insight into the knowledge, attitude, views and behaviour of young people which will guide them in their further work.
  6. A website for the association “Patria” (the association of citizens “Patria”) Development of a website whose aim would be to improve the quality of life for the people who suffer from mental disorders, physically disabled people and the members of other marginalised groups.
  7. An online volunteer booklet (Novi Sad 2021 - European Capital of Culture) The aim of the project is to introduce online volunteer booklets that would enable volunteers to record the number of hours of their volunteering activities.
  8. A web application “Premesti.se” Development of an application that helps parents find a place in the public kindergarten where they would like to transfer their child to, providing that the child is the same age as the matching child from the chosen kindergarten.
  9. A mobile application for Youth Newspaper (“Youth Newspaper”) Development of a software solution that will present the news (already published on the website) through the mobile application. In this way, the portal would provide people with valuable information for them and their personal development.
  10. The calendar of cultural events in Novi Sad (Novi Sad 2021 - European Capital of Culture) Development of tools that will improve the work of culture stations of Novi Sad. A new software solution would make the organisation and coordination of the usage of the space and the equipment owned by culture stations easier for their employees, and therefore make them more accessible for a variety of programmes and initiatives suggested by citizens of Novi Sad.
  11. The calendar for the association “Red Line” The idea behind this project is to send notifications to people who suffer from HIV/AIDS and remind them about when they should visit a doctor and get medical instructions, pick up a medical prescription, take their medications and make the next doctor’s appointment. The purpose of this calendar is to make everyday therapy easier for people who suffer from HIV/AIDS.
What’s Next?

Vega IT, as well as other IT companies, are committed to completing the unfinished projects in the next three months and hand over the original source code to the organisations and idea initiators.

Twenty people clapping during the closing ceremony at Code for a Cause 3 projectThank you for being the part of Code For a Cause 3!

We would like to thank everyone who participated in this campaign! We are happy we had a chance to work with such an inspiring group of young people who care about giving back to our community and who are ready to put the needs of others before their own when working on a greater cause!

You rock! :-)

So, will we see more of you next year?

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