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Code For a Cause 5: Time To Recap on What We Have Achieved in the Last 7 Months


We believe that each one of us can be a change-maker and improve our community for the better. Since we organized the first Code For a Cause campaign back in 2017, we knew that we wanted to use knowledge and experience of our IT community can help build custom software solutions for those who needed it the most.

Software solutions that participants created during our past events improved the lives of thousands across different communities in our country.

We are proud that this year’s Hackathon gathered more than 150 participants, 7 companies and design agencies who worked on 15 projects to make our country a better place for all.

What Was the Dynamic of the Campaign?

Phase 1: Open Call for Non-Profit Organizations

During this phase, we wanted to learn more about what challenges our citizens were facing on a daily basis. We received over 50 ideas from different non-profit organizations on how they believe these challenges can be solved.

Phase 2: Public Voting

After careful evaluation of all the ideas, 23 projects moved on to the second phase of our campaign - public voting. During this phase, we invited citizens to vote for the projects they think will have the most impact on their communities.

The end result? Thanks to more than 13 000 votes, we created our list of project priorities. :)

Phase 3: Open Call For IT Companies and Programmers

During this phase, we invited IT companies to join our cause and give their contribution by assigning their teams to the projects from our list of priorities.

Phase 4: Open Call For Designers

We also needed the help of our design community. That's why we invited designers and design agencies to join us and create a functional design to support the chosen ideas.

Phase 5: Hackathon

he most exciting part of the entire campaign — 48-hour coding marathon, Hackathon, took place from the 14th to the 16th of October.

The Final Results Are in!

It was amazing to watch all of the participants come together for the community to create solutions which will help so many people around our country. These are the final results:

  1. The association "Kroz trnje do zvezda": website - 100%
  2. The center for molested and missing children: Application "Web detektivi" - 90%
  3. The organization Animal Rescue, Serbia: Application "Prijavi" - 92%
  4. The association "Uvek sa decom": Website "Gradimo zajedno" - 93%
  5. The application for the association "Obrok za porodicu” 3M" - 100%
  6. The organization "Irida": A fund for a scholarship “Putevima devojčica” - 82%
  7. The center for encouraging care "Novi Sad": App for Family Backup - 90%
  8. Humanitarian center of Novi Sad: The application "Podeli obrok" - 97%
  9. The organization "Leuka": website - 97%
  10. The center “Horizon”: a website "Negovatelji bližnjih" - 90%
  11. The association "Fileo": Website - 85%
  12. Women’s initiative: "Pink Flag" application - 75%
  13. The organization "NORBS": website - 75%
  14. The association "Zeleni ključ": The application "Prva Zelena hitna pomoć" - 100%
  15. The association "IZAĐI": website - 80%

So, what comes next?

We are so proud of all the participants and the results they’ve achieved during this Hackathon. All of the solutions will be completed and the original source code will be donated to non-profit organizations.

We want to say big thanks to all the participants and everything you’ve done to improve your community. Keep in mind that you were the ones who made it all possible!

It's time to look back on the last 7 months of our #CodeForACause campaign and find out what we managed to achieve during it: LINK.

We want to say big thanks to all the participants and everything you’ve done to improve your community. Keep in mind that you were the ones who made it all possible. Until next year!

#ProgrameriZaGradjane #Hakaton #CFAC5

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