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Next stop in the Vega IT global expansion: The UK office

Tijana Popov

During the last year, we witnessed significant changes in the tech landscape. Many global companies focused more on optimizing the costs, often through layoffs, rather than investing in new projects or entering new markets. At Vega IT, we have a different approach. After opening the New York office, our next stop is London.

Sasa, how do you see the current state of tech?

Sasa: Companies across the globe are now becoming more aware that technology is not just an additional tool for their business. Most of them can now see that software can either give them a competitive advantage or eliminate them from the race if they are not utilizing technology in the right way.

How do we continue to grow during times of uncertainty?

For our company, financial stability is the primary focus, both during the good and bad times. Therefore, when we make any decision or investment, we take into consideration that already the next day we might experience another global recession. This approach allows us to be ready to tackle any challenge.

We have already worked with clients from the UK for years, why did we decide to open an office in London now?

Sasa: One core part of our long-term strategy is global expansion, and this includes establishing new offices in several countries worldwide.

Currently, the UK market is the largest one for Vega IT, and over the last 15 years, we’ve delivered a number of impactful projects there for some of the world’s most innovative businesses. By establishing a physical office, and having an experienced team on the ground, working shoulder to shoulder with our UK clients, we aim to take customer satisfaction to an even higher level and, eventually, expand our client base in this growing market.

We chose Richard and Nikola to lead our London office for a reason – decades of cross-industry expertise coupled with their entrepreneurial flair and innovative mindset. They are the embodiment of our vision: to co-create the world's best digital products with the most forward-thinking businesses. Their inclusion in our team isn't just strategic; it's imperative to fulfill our brand promise.

Sasa, will Vega IT continue the global expansion this year?

Now that our offices in New York and London are up and running and we see the benefits of our strategy, we are ready to enter new markets. I’m proud to share that we are currently in the process of establishing offices in the Netherlands and the Middle East. I’m looking forward to sharing more details in the upcoming months.