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What It Looks Like to Work with Our CEO

In the IT world, a pair programming is a common thing. But, does the same refer to a pair working with a CEO at an IT company? If our CEO Saša Popović’s job was to do only programming, this could have been the case. However, Saša’s main focus is the company culture and business growth. Even though we can reach out to Saša when we need some help, most of us aren’t aware of the fact what his working day looks like. How many email messages does he receive per day? How many meetings and interviews does he attend? And, does his working day start at 9 AM and finish at 5 PM? We realised that the best way to find out the answers to these questions was to organise a small internal campaign called “Pair with Saša”.
Saša and Maksim having lunch
Who Had a Chance to Work with Saša in a Pair?
Among 200 of our colleagues, it wasn’t that easy to choose the one who would like to spend a day with Saša. That’s why we announced an open call inviting our colleagues to work side-by-side with Saša for one day. About 30 colleagues applied, so we decided to pick Saša’s pair randomly. Our colleague Maksim Bogunović was the one! “When colleagues asked me to take part in this programme, the first thing that came to my mind was that there would be no colleagues eager to pair with me for one day. I was surprised to find out how many colleagues applied, as well as when I heard many of them saying that this sounded like a great idea to them, and that they hoped we would repeat this so that they would also get a chance to work with me for one day.” - Saša explained.
How Did Saša and Maksim Spend That Day?
Saša and Maksim were at the office before everyone else at 8 AM. They started the day by replying to Saša's emails. “I spent that day with Saša attending all of his business and internal meetings. I even attended all of the job interviews where I had a privilege to learn about our CEO’s mindset, and his work. The meeting covered various topics - from company development, through hiring process, to finding projects and even Saša’s TV interview!” - said Maksim. They even managed to take a short break after lunch, and have a game of pool at our cafeteria.
Maksim and Saša playing pool
The aim of this programme was to give our colleagues a chance to learn and experience #LifeAtVegaIT from the CEO’s perspective. On the one hand, Maksim broadened his horizons, and on the other hand, Saša learned some new things from Maksim’s questions and comments. Both of them said this was an enjoyable and useful experience. Our CEO is looking forward to the next opportunity to work with some of our colleagues. Thrilled with the results of the campaign, we’ve decided to do something similar, so stay tuned! Do you organise something similar at your company? If you do, feel free to share it with us by reaching out at contact@vegait.rs. Visit the company profile.