Senior Enterprise IT Systems Specialist

Telenor d.o.o.  •  Beograd  • Rok: 16.12.2016

Typical 2 years of experience in an enterprise IT setting, ind-depth understanding of Linux, Unix operating systems, with particular focus on enterprise level features... (pročitaj oglas)

Internal IT System Expert

Telenor d.o.o.  •  Beograd  • Rok: 16.12.2016

University degree in IT, Telecommunication, Engineering or related area, or equivalent wokring experience... (pročitaj oglas)

Metadata Engineer

Seven Bridges Genomics  •  Beograd  • Rok: 01.01.2017

Have the will to learn basic bioinformatics, biomedical and clinical concepts, be proficient in Python and/or Java, data extraction, analysis and ETL... (pročitaj oglas)

Full Stack Developer

TeleTrader d.o.o.  •  Beograd  • Rok: 01.01.2017

Experience building software solutions in a corporate or start up engineering environment using JavaScript, PHP, and Java. Proficient with the use of Linux... (pročitaj oglas)

DevOps Engineer - Gogo

InterVenture d.o.o.  •  Beograd  • Rok: 17.12.2016

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related discipline, or equivalent experience... (pročitaj oglas)

Embedded C / C++ Software Engineer

Arobs Transilvania Software  •  Novi Sad  • Rok: 17.12.2016

Level: ideally 2-5 years of experience, Background: Computer science / Automation / Telecommunication / Electronics / Electrical ... (pročitaj oglas)

DevOps Engineer

Arobs Transilvania Software  •  Novi Sad  • Rok: 17.12.2016

Over 5 years’ experience with different distributions of Linux (Red Hat/CentOS/ Suse) environments and servers’ applications administration.... (pročitaj oglas)

C++ Developer

RT-RK d.o.o.  •  Beograd, Novi Sad  • Rok: 30.12.2016

Academic education in computer technology (BSc or MSc degree), good knowledge of the C++ programming language, good understanding of software development for Linux OS, usage of tools and methods of work on Linux console... (pročitaj oglas)

PHP Developer

Linum Internet Solution  •  Beograd  • Rok: 14.12.2016

Experienced with complex OOP PHP systems, capable with Mysql Server databases and database modeling, JQuery, Javascript, HTML, CSS skills desired... (pročitaj oglas)

Full Stack Web Developer

BlueNovius  •  Remote position  • Rok: 29.12.2016

Experience in designing and implementing complex web applications with focus on functional and non-functional requirements... (pročitaj oglas)

Junior Linux Administrator

Orion Telekom d.o.o.  •  Beograd  • Rok: 14.12.2016

Poznavanje različitih Linux distribucija (RedHat-CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu), iskustvo u optimizaciji i dijagnostici problema Linux baziranih tehnologija... (pročitaj oglas)

Java Developer

Exefeed d.o.o.  •  Beograd  • Rok: 28.12.2016

I ako ste JAVA developer i poznajete većinu sledećih oblasti:Core of language, Collections,Threads,Socket programiranje... (pročitaj oglas)

QA Engineer - Java Developer

eVision Solutions  •  Beograd  • Rok: 27.12.2016

Experience with Java, Java testing frameworks (JUnit, AssertJ, etc.) and Java IDEs (ideally Eclipse). (pročitaj oglas)

Core Platform Engineer

Seven Bridges Genomics  •  Beograd  • Rok: 28.12.2016

have 3+ years of relevant engineering/data analysis experience be proficient in either Java or Python server-side development... (pročitaj oglas)

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