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Srbin Željko Miladinović najbolji Data & AI stručnjak na svetu

2 min    0

 Željko Miladinović, Software Developer u kompaniji Levi9, proglašen je za najboljeg Data & AI stručnjaka na svetu! (više)

People of Symphony starring Jelena Milosevic: DevOps As An Integral Part Of The Development Team

4 min    0

Let us introduce Jelena, a member of our DevOps team in Novi Sad! She started her career in this field almost three years ago, and, as she likes to say, it started by accident when she got a laptop as a present, but with Linux on it. The curiosity took the lead as she wanted to figure out more about what is happening behind the machine’s pretty colors. Step by step, Jelena became a Development and Operations engineer, which means that she is now supporting her development teams by providing an automated infrastructure that is stable for deploying their applications. (više)


The What and the How of Testing in React

6 min    0

Whether you’re an entrepreneur launching a service or a developer working on an application, one thing is for sure: your front end needs to impress and it needs to do it fast. In other words, if you want to succeed, the quality of the product you deliver needs to be impeccable and there’s little room for bugs. That’s why I do my best to include tests and make them mandatory on all front-end projects I work on in Symphony. (više)


People of Symphony Starring Jasmina Jovanova: Adding Value by Visualizing the Bigger Picture

4 min    0

Jasmina’s story is a true example of how self-discipline and commitment can forge a great career path. During a decade and a half in the industry, Jasmina has managed to find new challenges, explore new areas and domains, and expand personal boundaries — from starting as a testing trainee, over the first lead roles, to today’s position as a Service Delivery Manager in our development center in Skopje. Moderate, at first sight, Jasmina leaves an impression that she manages to do everything with incredible ease. From her daily routine — starting with a continental breakfast and making sure the kids are up and running — to daily team meetings. She follows the “light approach” to facilitate the process of “bringing value while getting the job done.” (više)


People of Symphony starring Anida Mumic: Service Delivery Manager with a success-driven mindset

5 min    0

This is the story of Anida Mumic - a Service Delivery Manager at Symphony who goes by the nickname "Sunshine." In this blog, you will learn how she went from getting her first internship to leading a cross-functional team of more than thirty people. Keep reading because this is a story about motivation, persistence, and drive to go forward! (više)


People of Symphony starring Anja Andric: Quality Assurance in focus – How it improved my skills and showed me which way to go

3 min    0

It's time to meet Anja Andric, a QA Engineer from our Belgrade development center! Besides the unmistakable fashion style and positive energy, Anja is famous for her constant desire to learn and grow. Before joining Symphony, she spent the first three years of her career solving problems and searching for why something is not working. "But, one day, I stopped and realized that while analyzing issues and bugs, I had found a new career path. That's precisely when I realized I should change the purpose of my programming and switch to automation testing," Anja started her story. (više)


Kako izgleda proces testiranja softvera

8 min    0

Pre nego što uđem u priču kako izgleda taj proces testiranja softvera ili aplikacije,  moram brzinski da se osvrnem na određene pojmove koji se koriste u testiranju, kao što je na primer QA u reči ‘’QA tester’’ i šta uopšte znači testirati neki softver. Siguran sam da znaš, ali da napomenem, QA označava Quality Assurance, a to bukvalno znači garancija kvaliteta. (više)

Nova Scheider Electric zgrada u Novom Sadu - moderna, „zelena“, CO2 neutralna

4 min    0

Buduća zgrada Razvojnog centra Schneider Electric biće  visokotehnološki opremljena i ispunjavaće najviše ekološke i energetske standarde. (više)


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